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EdAlive Typing and Math (A REVIEW)

We had the opportunity to practice math and typing with two programs from EdAlive. I am always on the search for fun new ways to practice math facts, and with Maths Invaders Online the challenge is so fun that kids don't realize they are practicing their facts. Typing is also a skill that I'd like my boys to become more proficient with, so I was happy to receive Typing Tournament Online as part of this review too. Both are fun and engaging while also teaching great skills.

For this review we received a year subscription to both online programs that we can access from any internet connected computer. We can log in anytime, anywhere, and I was able to create a separate account for each boy in both apps so that their own progress is saved.

Here's how it works:

They log in to the EdAlive website, and it takes them to this "App Library." They then choose which program they want to work on first. There are other choices for other apps too, but we only had access to Typng and Maths. They can change between the two apps pretty easily, so if they decide they are done with one it's easy for them to switch.

After logging in this is the page we see where we have the choice to enter Typing Tournament or Maths Invaders from a page full of apps.

When they choose the app Maths Invaders Online the opening screen looks like this. They can choose from the "Galactic Campaign" (the main part of the game), or "Space Rescue."

Maths Invaders home screen.

For them to make progress they have to work on the "Galactic Campaign," which is the part where they practice the math facts. They can work their way up through all the levels as they play, so of course all the upper levels are locked until they've defeated the current level. The math problems get harder as they level up. Within each level there are also different speeds.

Galactic Campaign

The first level is super easy with just addition and subtraction problems, so if your child is past that they can try to test into a higher level, and unlock all the levels in between. When the game starts the challenge is to type in the answers and shoot the box that the answer matches (as pictured below). There isn't any music, but  there are shooting noises when the enter button is pushed, and a ticking clock when a certain fact needs to be shot down (which actually stresses my 2nd grader out a little bit, but it keeps him on his toes). When all the facts have been shot at with the correct answer the "wave" is over. They have to get through 3 waves to level up.

The Maths Invaders game as it is being played

When they choose Typing Tournament Online for the first time they have to set up their goal words per minute, and go through all the introduction to typing pages before they can actually start the lessons. We didn't realize this at first, and my 2nd grader got discouraged, but once the lessons start both my boys had a lot of fun. The "knight" theme is fun and engaging.

Typing Tournament homepage

As they work through the lessons the kids follow a map. As they make their way through the map there are skills practices, drills, lessons, tests, games, and more.

Typing Tournament map.
There are no stopping and starting points, so I would just have my boys work through as much as they can in a session before they felt like they were done. The buttons (in the right on the picture below) turn a different color as each step is completed, and there is a "Next Step" arrow pointing to where the child should pick back up when they come back to it. As they complete each step it takes them forward, but they can always go back and practice anything more.

In conclusion, we really enjoyed both of these programs. They provide a fun way to practice important skills, and keep my boys engaged. I like the challenge they provide at the same time. If you'd like to see what other crew members had to say about these programs you can click on the banner below.

Typing Tournament & Maths Invaders Online {EdAlive Reviews}
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