Friday, October 30, 2020

Smart Kidz Radio (A REVIEW)

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I've often had the thought as my kids have grown that it would be wonderful if they had more radio stations dedicated to kids. At least one would've been nice! We used to listen to kids music a ton, but access to it hasn't always been easy. We would have to find CD's at the library or purchase them. But, I think I finally found, with this review, something that totally rocks in the kids music department, Smart Kidz Radio

Smart Kidz Radio website home page

Smart Kidz Radio is an online, on-demand, radio station for kids that is available on any device or computer with an internet connection and a paid subscription. We received 6-months access to Smart Kidz Radio: Member's On-Demand Radio Program Library for this review, and love all the choices available for our listening enjoyment. There are many stations to choose from! Let's see what they have:

  • Living Skills
  • Early Learning
  • Cultural music such as Latin or Native American
  • Inspirational
  • American patriotic songs
  • Bedtime lullaby's and relaxation
  • Fun Sing-alongs
  • And so much more! 

There are too many to list! 

Just a few of the radio stations on Smart Kidz radio to choose from

Listening to Smart Kidz radio is a fun experience. It even sounds like a radio with an announcer that talks about what's playing and happening on the station. The first thing we chose to listen to was America's Heritage in song because it was the featured station. I was pleasantly surprised to hear it, and that it was sung by the Smart Kidz Boyz Choir. My son (4th grade) liked it too. 

This is what the station looks like as it's playing. You can even skip tracks if you want to.

We mainly listened to Smart Kidz radio at the table while doing school work because it made for some nice background music. Especially the classical station. There are some great stations that would tie really well into school lessons too. This could be a great thing to take in the car too if you can stay connected to the internet. The kids can listen to this radio on their own devices too. I'd be happy to let my kiddos listen to whatever they want. It's all very kid friendly, no surprises! There are stories for bedtime too!

Our setup to listen at the table. It sounded great on my little portable speaker.


Overall, I really like Smart Kidz Radio. I am kinda sad that my youngest is almost too old for it and that all my kids will be grown/uninterested in listening to children's music very soon, so I'm definitely going to continue to use this with my 9 year-old as much as he continues to like it. I'm sure all my kids would have loved something like this when they were younger, I know I would have!

Smart Kidz Foundation. When you purchase a membership 20% of your membership fees goes to the Smart Kidz Foundation-- A non-profit foundation that financially supports programs for young people, supporting them in making a difference in the world through their talents and following their dreams. It's so good for our youth to get involved and have the opportunities to change the world to be a better place if given the opportunity. 

 Thank you for reading this review!

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Smart Kidz Radio: Member's On-Demand Radio Program Library {Smart Kidz Radio Reviews}

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