Saturday, January 28, 2012

homeschool favorites--lapbooks

Aaron learned how to write China this week in his "PING" lapbook for FIAR.

Our homeschool favorite for this week is lapbooks.  I made a lapbook for The Story of Ping this week (from Homeschool share), and Aaron was super excited when I showed him.  It was then that I realized that he really enjoys learning with lapbooks.  He loved his very first pumpkin lapbook, and he has enjoyed every lapbook since!  So, I have come to the realization that this is something I need to do more of again, especially for him.  He enjoys all the flaps, and tiny bits of information found in each element.  He enjoys them most when I have made them for him, and have it all layed out though.  Maybe someday he'll like to make one himself.

All the kids really like lapbooks, I have made several with April.  Some of the favorites were the Madeline, all about girls, and a few American girl lapbooks.  We have many unfinished ones too that were started, but soon lost interest.  The kids love going through the box of old lapbooks, and it's so fun to see what they have created, and to see how much they have grown.  They also learn and review some of the old facts that they wrote.

So, that's our homeschool favorite this week.  I really love thinking about some of our favorite things that we use each day in our home for school!

What was a favorite for your homeschool this week?

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