Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A day in the life of...

I've always wanted to write a post about my life in one day, and finally decided I should do it.  It has been a while since I've participated in Wordfull Wednesday!  Let's just ignore that I just posted a wordLESS Wednesday picture :-)

A day in my life as a homeschooling Mama:

5:30am:  Wake up with baby, he's not going back to sleep despite my efforts.  Change him.  Then, out comes Aric who woke up hearing baby crying.  Looks like we're all up for good!  I turn on Max and Ruby to help us all wake up a little more before we dive into our day.  By the way, this is about the normal time for my boys to wake up.  I try to keep them down until 6 if I can, but they are just early risers.

6:00am:  Start dishes, and eat some breakfast.  Aaron is up now, and shortly after April comes out.

This is April waking up...laying on the couch

7:30am:  I do some cutting for a lapbook that I am making for Aaron.  April sees me cutting and wants to start a new lapbook, so she goes to the computer and looks at Homeschool share for one.  She doesn't find anything she's interested in.  I show her my folder of other lapbooks we already have, she finds the horse one that she hadn't finished yet.  Okay, she agrees to finish that one.

During this time Aric is doing some of his preschool activities...

snowman counting

Letter S scavenger hunt

8:15am:  I take a shower so we can get ready to go to the library, it's library day!

The boys playing with their farm while I get ready

9:30am:  Leave the house and drive to the library.  We are going to the Salem library for a change today.  Usually we go to the one close to us, but once in a while we like to go to Salem for more choices.

10:20am:  A few stops later we finally arrive at the library.  The kids are pretty excited.

11:50am:  We are done at the library, time to head home for lunch!

12:20pm:  We get home, have lunch, and call to see if April's homeschool friend can come over to play.

1:30pm:  Naptime for baby, and friend over to play time.  April and her friend play, and I do some painting and crafts with the boys.

2:10pm:  Start writing this post.  Enjoy some quiet while all the kids are outside playing and baby is napping.

3:50pm:  Alex wakes up and every thing starts getting a little crazy.  I hold baby.  Kids come inside.

4:00pm:  Girls (April and her friend) go to the room to play.  Boys and I sit at table.  I introduce Aaron to his new Ping lapbook, he's super excited.  We do a little bit of FIAR school (~10 minutes), talking about The Story of Ping, China, and Aaron colors his maps of China in. (FIAR = five in a row, we are just starting the story of ping)



4:30pm:  Still holding baby.  He won't be put down.  Boys are off playing now, there's too much excitement with a friend over.  Aric decides to play with his sister's tea set that she left out.


4:45pm:  Feed baby.  Finally figured out why he was so clingy, he was hungry!  After I fed him he was a happy camper.

5:10pm:  Daddy comes home

5:40pm:  Feed the rest of the family dinner

6:30pm:  Bath time for little boys.

7:10pm:  Start bedtime routine.

7:30pm:  boys in bed.

7:50pm:  movie off, lights out.

8:30pm:  computer time for me.  Plan school.  Re-load workboxes.  Time with Hubby.  Dishes.  Change laundry.

10:00pm (or 11p, or 12p):  bedtime

This was not a usual day because we went to the library, and we had a friend over.  Usually we would be working on school during that time at the library, so we didn't get a lot of actual school time in today.

In between all this I also...Changed the laundry several times, changed diapers, cleaned up poopy pants at least 3 times, and folded some laundry.  Phew!


  1. Phew is right! I love the concentration on your kids' faces. You're doing a great job with them.

  2. I love the pictures of your boys doing school. So cute!

  3. I came across your blog while Googling for other "Day in the Life of Me" posts. I try to do one once or twice a year, and just got mine up on my blog.

    I'd love for you to stop by and visit my ehome. I am also a homeschool mama. :-)

  4. Sounds like a fun day, we love the library too!

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