Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Arabian horse project

I gave the assignment for this project to April last Fall, maybe the end of summer.  It worked out well for it to be a year long project because she was doing it in conjunction with all her 4H horse work too.  I told her to pick one thing about horses and learn as much as possible about it as she could.  She chose Arabian horses.  I gave her a big poster board that she could organize all her information on for showing.  I helped her with the words (on the front), a few pictures, and she did the rest.  She found all her information, and she decided how she would present it.  This originally was not related to 4H at all, just a homeschool project.  But, she ended up using it for her 4H horse presentation, and she will be submitting it at the County fair as well as showing her project horse.  I love it when pieces of homeschool just fall into place with life like that! 

The horse picture in the middle was originally a poster she had up on her wall
I think she did a pretty good job laying it all out, and she put in a lot of useful information.  It has some of her own drawings.
I like how she hand wrote some of the pages.
I thought that weight scale was pretty cute.  I think she came up with that on her own.
I typed up that page for her, she told me what to type.  I also found those coloring pages of what an Arabian horse might wear from it's original homeland.
 She had a short time to present at 4H club, and they were all very impressed.  That's when the leader mentioned taking it to the fair for display.  April loved that idea, so she's keeping it stored in her room until July!


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