Thursday, April 12, 2012

Hop on Pop fun

We are focusing on Dr. Seuss books for the next little while, and we had a lot of fun with this book!   Hop on Pop is a fun easy rhyming book, and it is really funny at some parts.  So, I found a great activity to go with it here at Obseussed.  I think this is just about one of the funnest things we have done in our homeschool, and we've done a lot of fun things!  So, first, we read this book a few times (our own Pop read it the first time)...


Then, I picked up a light yellow sheet.  I braved my hand at drawing "POP" on it.
After POP was done I let the kids draw their favorite parts of the story.  Or whatever they wanted.  I drew a "PUP" for Aric.
Then I let him color it in.
I also drew a cup for him, and let him color in the black details.  He did pretty good with the top part.  I finished the handle and the side of the cup.
Aaron wanted to write the word timbuktu, and he tried for the first time to sound out a word on his own.  Then I showed him the page with the word on it.  I know it only says "TiB2", but the fact that he sounded it out and attempted to write it from that is a first for him, and that means he's trying to figure out words.  A huge step for him!

April drew mouse and house. 

Alexander, well, he was just in the middle of the whole thing.  Where you can usually find him when we are trying to get something done.  Thankfully he couldn't get the lids off of these markers or we would have been in trouble.

After the kids were done with their drawings, I got a twin mattress from April's bed (she has the oldest mattress, more bouncy!)  I turned on some music, and then we HOPPED on POP!
Each kid had a turn to jump for a whole song.

This is a good P.E. activity too!  They were sweaty by the time we were done.

Even April got in on the fun!

The clapping audience watching the jumper...
These are also the collages that the boys made.  I printed up some activities from Seussville, and after the boys did the pages I let them cut out the pictures and make a collage.

Here is Aaron's.  He wanted to write Horton Hears a Who because he's been liking that story too.
Here's Aric's collage.  He likes to "read" the cup on pup/pup on cup/cup on cup/pup in cup squares with me.

Such fun!  I love book activities.  This one turned out pretty great, and I'm thankful for that.

I'm linking this one up to stART.


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  1. That looks like a lot of fun! If I could draw anything like that I think we would be giving it a try.


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