Sunday, April 8, 2012

our newest tot schooler

I'm still here!  We've been experiencing some changes around here.  One of them is keeping up with this little guy during out school time.  He's into everything!!!  He wants to be in the middle of it all, and I realized that he just wants something to do with us!  So, I let him have his way once in a while, and he loves it.

He loves the dot painters and the box of markers.  He just loves to take the lids off of all the markers, but the dot painters make a cool sound when plopped on the paper.  He just kept giggling.

Squinkies have become a favorite of his.  He just loves the little balls.
It has since been moved, but he used to climb up onto the little desk and would get into all the school supplies and "organize" for us.
We got these water beads recently to try them out.  Alex just loved them.  He is really good about not putting things in his mouth, but I do watch him closely with all these small items.
I'm excited to have a tot schooler again!  He's just starting to get so interested in how things work, and using his little hands and fingers.  I'm not sure how much formal tot school I'll be doing anymore, but I will try some new things with Alex every once in a while, and try to post about them.


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