Thursday, April 19, 2012

A library story

I just wanted to share this story about an opportunity that came up recently that was so unexpected, but as soon as it was presented I simply knew it was the right thing for us to do.  Do you ever have that experience?  I like it when unexpected life opportunities pop up like this that you wouldn't even think about, but yet it seems so right.  It also doesn't include any pain or tragedy, which can be another kind of unexpected life opportunity which we don't often see as meaningful right at the time.  Anyway, on with the story...

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We went up to Wilsonville's library this week (it's a short drive, about 15 minutes).  Now we don't live in Wilsonville, but we stop in their library every once in a while because they have a nice little used book store in the front with really cheap books.  Sometimes we stop in for their awesome story time too.  Well, this time we decided to go into the actual library part and check out the children's area even though we don't have a card there.  I have come to the conclusion that no 2 libraries are alike!  It was such a lovely area with interesting books displayed.  I always used to assume that a library was a library in what it had to offer as far as book selection.  Well, the kids quickly found books that we had never seen in our library.  I felt bad that I had to tell them we couldn't check them out, and knew that we couldn't get some of them in our own library system.  So, I decided that we'd go ask how much it would cost us for an out of district library pass since we are in that area so often.  I was bummed to hear $95.  But, they base that on what an average property tax payer would pay, and what all the other libraries might charge in this area.  There was more though!  She said that that fee could be waived with 11 hours of volunteer service at the library, and my oldest daughter could help with her hours counting as well.  Volunteer, me???  I had never thought about that.  I thought, what a neat opportunity!  I had never imagined volunteering at the library.  April, my oldest was immediately excited when she heard that.  She wanted to sign up right there when she gave us some of the volunteer job descriptions.  It's most of the mundane work like going through shelves of books to make sure there isn't any book that shouldn't be there, and making sure they are all there, or checking in books.  Needless to say, we are both excited to do this.  We love books, so why not?  I'm only wishing we could do it during the day, but I still have the littlest boys, so it'll be an evening volunteer job for now.  I love when opportunities arise like this seemingly at the perfect time, in the perfect place.  It's as if a door opened up that I didn't know existed, and we were invited to step right in.

We don't start until next week.  We have a time set up for the evening to work about 2.5 hours.  We'll see if we are as excited after the first time, lol.  I'm sure we will be though.  I'm excited to work with books, and learn the workings of a library.  We have to volunteer only 11 hours of service to get our card.  If it's something we decide we like we may even go beyond that.  It's a good opportunity for April to volunteer and do something outside of our home.  She can also count the hours for her 4H horse project!  Another bonus because she doesn't yet have any volunteer hours for anything. 

I'm thankful for this opportunity because I've wanted to get my kids involved in service, but never really knew how.  I mean we've done some small things here and there, and for church, but as a family I'd love to do more.  How do you get your kids out and volunteering?


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  1. What an awesome opportunity! Before David got so sick, I took the girls with me each Tuesday and we volunteered at Jubilee Food Pantry in Hubbard. I got them doing it because we just did it together.


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