Wednesday, April 25, 2012

kids in the kitchen--ice cream!

We found this book at the library, so Aaron decided he wanted to give the ice cream recipe a try.  The technique used for making the ice cream reminded me exactly of our ice cream ball, so we broke out the old ice cream ball to do it.

First we gathered all the ingredients, and mixed them up.  Aaron was very excited.P4190837 P4190840 Then we put that ice cream mixture in one side of the ball, and the ice and salt in the other side of the ball, and got to shaking. There's a hole at each end of the ball. One hole puts the ice cream mixture in the middle of the ball, and the other hole lets the ice and water surround the ice cream cylinder. You have to keep the ball moving in a circular motion, round and round. P4190844 P4190843 P4190841

This is the ice cream that stuck to the bottom of the ice cream maker, it came out all in one piece with the warm water on the outside of the cylinder, and looked kind of cool.
And, voila! You have ice cream. It works pretty good. The recipe in this book was no good though. I should have realized that the small amount of sugar it called for was not nearly enough. It was like eating unsweetened ice cream. We were very disappointed, but determined to do it again. So, we did it again a few days later with Daddy home and he found a really good recipe online. It was excellent, tasted like soft serve!

We will definitely be making more homemade ice cream, and we especially like taking our ice cream ball with us camping.  It's a fun way to get a cool treat while outdoors.


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