Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Field trip: Oregon zoo

We had a fun day at the Oregon zoo today!  It was $4 Tuesday, and it wasn't super busy thankfully.  Although we were a little surprised at the number of school buses with loads of kids arriving.  It wasn't too bad after all.  We actually walked backwards (meaning we went the opposite direction) through the zoo, so we avoided the big groups of kids for the most part.  It was nice.

I'm so thankful that I could be there with them today, and I could experience seeing all the cute animals with them.  I couldn't help but think that as we passed the groups of school kids with a chaperone.  I wouldn't have this opportunity if they were in school, they would probably have spent the day with someone else.  It's fun for me to see their reactions, and what they are picking up in our school time and otherwise.  I also love explaining things and making connections with things we have seen in real life or in shows.

Well, speaking of shows, I was amazed that as soon as Aric saw these two in the picture below that he was able to identify them immediately.  He said "oh look those are African Crested porcupines!"  April walked over to the sign to check, and sure enough it said exactly that.  Thank you Wild Kratts!  We knew they were porcupines of some sort, but he had the exact names.  Awesome.  Then he started explaining how exactly you know that they are supposed to be African Crested porcupines (The way the white quills are, I think).  It was a happy Mama moment to hear him talking all about it.


Another favorite of Aric's, the fruit bats.
This was perfect for our bat unit we are going to start this week.


This kid was just super excited at seeing the animals at the zoo!  He said "going to zoo!  going to zoo?  going to zoo?..." the whole way there.  It was so cute.IMG_4535

Checking out the rockfish, and trying to identify some of the creatures in this tank...this must be a sit down job :-)  IMG_4534

April's favorite, the black bears.  All the bears really.  She got to see the polar bears, and sun bears too.

 Alex was more interested in the statue lions than the real ones.

 I think this is the first time we've ever really seen the tigers OUT.  Usually they are sleeping.  Really it was only one tiger that was out.  The other was still sleeping.  Since we went backwards this is the 2nd animal we saw.  Can you see him there in the background behind the boys?

This was a special day.  I love this time with my kids.  

April took 95 pictures today!  I let her be the photographer, and she had a lot of fun doing it.
I was only going to share the one of the porcupine and the story about Aric for now, but I just had to share a few more.  It was a fun day.  Can't wait to go again!


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