Monday, October 21, 2013

Pumpkin crayons!

We had fun today making crayons!  I saw Tristan's (Our busy homeschool) making a crayon tutorial this morning, and thought that would be just a perfect "back to the grind" activity after coming home from a fun camping trip to get our Monday jump started.

I loved her tip about using the exacto knife.  That makes the process so much faster!  I started slitting the papers down the crayon, but quickly Aaron wanted to take over that job.  I really wanted to do the cutting, but I trust him with this job, so I let him take it over.  He's very careful with anything sharp.  You have to use your best judgement for your own kids.


As he cut  the papers Alex loved unwrapping the papers.  He and I worked together to sort them into the pans.


The finished pumpkin crayons.  I used my silicone Wilton pan.  I do plan to clean it out thoroughly so I can use it again for food because these pans are not cheap, but beware for any pan you use there is residue left in it!  


These came out so fun.  Better than I had imagined they would come out.  I loved the faces.


Aaron was very happy with "his" crayon.  He wanted to make one with golds, and silvers.  Hoping I can convince him to let everyone use it.IMG_4689

If you want to see the full instructions on how to make them visit the blog link I mentioned at the beginning of the post.  She has some great tips, and super easy to follow instructions. 


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  1. Very cool! We made some heart crayons for a girl cousin for Christmas using this method. SHe loved her personalized crayons. I really like your pumpkins.


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