Thursday, October 24, 2013

LIFE academy

When I decided to continue homeschooling this year, and not put the kids in school, I made that decision on faith and hope that Heavenly Father would help me in some way provide the great opportunities I had hoped they would have.  Well, our new co-op has been more than I could have asked for.  I believe this was a definite answer to a prayer.  Especially because the person that led me to this co-op was on the Lord's errand when she came to visit teach me.  She mentioned an email that she had received from some other homeschool Mom through other church members that was looking to form a support group of some sort.  She promised to email me that information.  As soon as I got her email, I immediately emailed the person who had created the group Life Academy.  The rest is history.  We were able to attend the new year kick off BBQ the next week, and we fell in love with all the people, and what this academy was all about.  The kids immediately made friends.  I felt like I finally found a great place to be in our homeschooling journey.

All the Mom's in this group seem to be like-minded with my philosophies for homeschooling, religion, and life.  It's a great thing when you can find like-minded homeschoolers to hang with once a week.

So, here is a little glimpse in our day at Life academy.  It functions a lot like a co-op, but it's more than that.  It's based on the Thomas Jefferson Education philosophy, and leadership education.

L.I.F.E. stands for:  


I have been so impressed with the quality of classes that my children have had the opportunity to be in each Wednesday for the last 6 weeks.   I also have loved that I am learning new ways to teach MY own children as I watch other parent mentors teach.

We start off the day in a morning meeting.  Here we are waiting for the meeting to start.  It's so fun to start off on a comfy couch!  Isn't that what we homeschoolers love, the couch!  LOL.
(this picture taken by me)
(another day waiting for the meeting to start, picture taken by another Mom) 1383158_10151928687881069_1082424060_n

We get the opportunity as a family to lead The Pledge of Allegiance, and prayer to start the meeting.  It was our turn on this day.  
So thankful we have been practicing the pledge as much as possible, and that they had this opportunity to see it in a group.
(Ha ha, I didn't realize he had his left hand over his heart, guess we'll have to work on that.  And, yes I eventually put my hand up.  I don' think we had started yet.  He didn't want to go up there by himself.)


Aric is in the core jr. class (4 and 5 year olds).
They have been doing a cowboy theme the past 6 weeks.
During their last class they made homemade stick ponies.
They turned out so cute, picture below.


Alex is in the littles class.
Amazingly I've never had a problem leaving him.
 He loves his class, and happily says bye.
They always have some great little preschool activities.
They made cute little bugs on this day, and he was so proud of his bug.

Aaron is in the core sr. class (6 and 7 year olds).
They have been studying gardens and things that grow.
For their last day they made pumpkin cookies
from a real pumpkin that grew in his mentor's garden.
He even brought his apron for this.



One day they also went out and collected things from nature on a sticky piece of tape.


Aric showing off his stick horse at lunch time.


Two things I didn't get a picture of...lunch afterwards, and April's Shakespeare class.  We all sit down to lunch after class, and have some free play time for the kids in the gym.  This is such a great energy release time for the boys, and they love it.  Also, April has some time to go up into the middle school room and hang out with the other Scholars (her class).  I also didn't get a picture of April in her Shakespeare class.  I didn't want to go in and interrupt for a picture, but thinking about it now I should have.  They always have such fun games and things going on in there. 


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