Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The latest art projects

 April's art assignment last week was to create ONE great composition using rhythm and pattern while listening to a song.  She came up with this great picture of Portland on a rainy day.  The rain is her pattern, and she did it while listening to Piano guys for her song. I'm guessing the huge storm we were having might have helped with inspiration for this piece too.  This isn't the best picture of it.  It turned out pretty neat.


 This week's art assignment was a Henri Matisse inspired name collage.  I found an idea that went right along with it on this blog.  April was supposed to add in 3 things about herself.  She picked some pictures from a magazine.

Of course, I love it when the boys can join in with April for an art project.
Aaron's collage
Alex's collage
Aric's collage

Aric's painting of the Mona Lisa.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of his concentration while painting this.  He sure did take his time.  He even had the original picture in front of him and he was trying his best to match the colors.  


Other random art projects...

After we were finished with our name project Aaron was inspired to make this "record player."  It was one of those, "if you give some shapes to a boy, he might want to make a record player, situations."  Lol.

We also made some apple print wrapping paper to wrap Christmas presents in.  It looks really pretty with apples all across it.  Can't wait to use it at Chrsitmas time!


Having fun with art is one of our favorite things to do around here!  Might have to make this a regular post.  Next week I'm hoping to do a Kandinsky inspired art project to go along with our first Five in a row unit this school year.  I'm excited, and hope to share it later.


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