Wednesday, January 14, 2015

3 little cubs

Our nature study last week was a trip to the zoo.  We were so excited to finally see the cubs!  We got a membership a year ago, and every. single. time we have gone the cubs have not been out.  We finally got a good look at them this time.  These 3 reminded me of 3 little boys I know really well...

Can we just name them Aaron, Aric, and Alex?


It was fun seeing how playful they are.


We were watching them for quite a while.  Alex didn't want to leave.  Eventually they were all trying to get on this rock with mama maybe?


Sitting on the statues is always a must...


We came around to another window to get a better view, and they were still trying to get up on the rock.


This jeep is always fun, and each boy has to have a turn driving it.


I love this picture of Alex with the chameleon.  I wonder what he's thinking...


 The zoo is a fun place.  We'll miss our membership as it expires soon, but it was a fun year.


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