Friday, January 23, 2015

Pinewood derby time

Aaron finally got to experience his first pinewood derby last night!  He was so excited especially the final few days before when he was finishing up his car.  He had a lot of late nights, but he finished his tank just in time.  It turned out pretty neat looking, and all his design. It was fun to see all the different cars and their reflection of each boys' personality.

It was fun to be a part of something so awesome and exciting as the pinewood derby race.  There really was a lot of excitement, especially as the boys were bringing their cars in to get weighed and any adjustments made.  


All the boys got to sit on the inside of the track so they could take their cars back and forth, and watch the race as their car went down.  Aaron was actually nervous before the races started, but once they finally started he warmed up.


 Once the races started it got loud, and even more exciting.  Everybody cheered for different cars and boys.  It was a long night, but oh so fun and worth it.


It cracked us up to watch Aaron put his car up on the track. Every time he would carefully set it up there and look at it to make sure it was lined up perfectly. That's the kind of boy he is, always wants everything to be just right.


 Alex hung out with some of his friends watching the cars for a while, but then he got bored and started climbing all over Dad.  I love this picture of these 2.


The boys ran their cars several times in different groups.  I don't remember what the totals were, but Aaron said he won 8 races and lost 4 so that means if he was counting right he raced 12 times. It sounds about right for the number of times each boy raced, and there were 22 boys which made for a lot of races!


 The boys got to stand down near the end when their car was racing and watch.  It was fun to watch their reactions, and hear the comments as others were cheering.



 I bought 4 boxes of ice cream sandwiches which was 80 bars total. We handed out all but 2!  I'm so glad I bought 4 instead of 3 like I was thinking at first!  This was one of our most packed meetings this year.


The whole night was so fun, and I was happy with how everything turned out.  I was happy to see all the boys excited and happy about their cars.  As their leader it's fun to see them get excited about all these things that they get to do.


There were awards for each boy in a category that best matched their car.  Aaron got the "best military tank", and we heard him say when he sat down "mine was the only military tank!"  It was cute. Yes, they were creative and funny for the categories.


Aaron's den was also in charge of flag for the night. It's always nice to see the boys doing this.


Aaron won 2nd place over-all, so he was a pretty happy guy afterwards. I think it was definitely a night he'll never forget.

IMG_7735 Thanks to all the hard work from everybody that made this fun race possible!


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  1. The derby was so fun! Aaron's car was great! :-) And your pictures are soooo much better than mine, haha. I need to stop being lazy with my camera and get my butt where it needs to be to get the shot! You are super mom! ;-)


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