Sunday, January 18, 2015

science and math fair, and award

I am a proud Momma right now.  All 3 older kids had some amazing science and math projects done in 2 days for a homeschool science and math fair on Friday night. They decided at the last minute that they wanted to do something (even though we've known about it for a few months now).

April and hexaflexagons
Well actually, April was kind of roped into doing her hexaflexagon demonstration but she happily took the challenge to put it together real fast.  I didn't get any pictures of her demonstration for some reason.  But here is a video that is really fun to watch to learn what they are all about.  April even made a huge hexaflexagon scrapbook.

Aric and the frog life cycle


This child blew me away with this project.  He wanted to decide on every part, and wanted things his way, and he did!  I was impressed with his dedication, creativity, and desire to get it done.  I tried to be as hands off as I could, just giving him ideas, and helping with organization.  That was hard for me, but so worth seeing the satisfaction he had on his face the whole night showing his project to everyone.


Aaron and the water cycle

I think Aaron had a different idea in his head for his project, but this is what he ended up with.  He wanted to quit, but I helped him through it.  I'm not sure this project really reflects him so much, but he did good, and stuck to it.  I think we'll find a topic that interests him more next time.  Looking forward to the next science fair (with a different homeschool group) in a few months!


Another part of the evening was awards for the Scholar classes.  April is in the Key of Liberty class, and has a lot reading, memorizing, and more.  Here are the first semester award requirments.

1st Semester Award Requirements:
  1. Memorize and recite or sing the Star Spangled Banner.
  2. Read "The Mayflower Compact".
  3. Watch a related video (selected by mentors; we will have movie days to help you fulfill this).
  4. Read the following books and discuss them:
    • Red Scarf Girl by Ji-li Jiang
    • The Landing of the Pilgrims by James Daugherty
    • John Adams, the Reluctant Patriot of the Revolution by Leonard Falkner
    • The Making of George Washington by William H. Wilbur
  5. Memorize and recite The Declaration of Independence (excluding the 27 injuries of the king).
  6. Give a "Class Presentation" on your chosen colony.
  7. Fulfill the requirements for the United States Heritage Award.
  8. Complete 6 of the 12 writing assignments.
  9. Memorize the Ten Commandments (for non-secular award).
  10. Memorize and be able to place the Thirteen Colonies on a map

She passed off all of them except the writing assignments and the whole Declaration.  She received her "key of liberty", and the ribbons on it represent the individual things she did.


Now her class is moving onto the 2nd semester portion of this class.  So for the rest of the school year here's what she'll do:

2nd Semester Award Requirements: 
Finish any requirements from 1st semester and:
  1. Memorize the “Preamble to the Constitution.”
  2. Watch these movies: “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” and “A More Perfect Union.” (We will have movie days during the semester to help you fulfill this requirement.)
  3. Read and Understand the Constitution. Quiz on Articles, Sections, Clauses and Amendments.
  4. Write a 2 to 4 page Hero Report and present an oral presentation in class.
  5. Read the following books and discuss them:
    • Freedom Factor by Gerald Lund
    • Fifty-Five Fathers by Selma R. Williams
    • The Great Little Madison by Jean Fritz
  6. Read and discuss the article: “The Proper Role of Government” by Ezra Taft Benson
  7. Complete 9 out of 13 writing assignments.
  8. Read and study George Washington’s Farewell Address (abridged version) and complete a personal vocabulary list.
  9. Memorize five scriptures and five quotes on freedom (for non-secular award).
  10. Prepare to and participate in the end of class simulation.
The end of class simulation will be from what I hear, going to the capitol building, but not for just an ordinary field trip.  I think they will have some sort of experience in the courtroom or something.  I love how this class challenges her, and the great things she learns.  I also love how events like this inspire the kids to do something big and make learning fun.  It was a fun night!



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