Friday, January 23, 2015

New year's day at the A.C. Gilbert museum

Back on New year's day we went to the AC Gilbert museum down in Salem as a family.  It was a fun day, and a fun way to ring in the new year.

They have a nice huge outdoor area for playing.  It was a beautiful day, though very cold!




Over Christmas we watched the movie "The Man Who Saved Christmas".  I knew we had the museum down in Salem, and we've been there plenty of times, but after watching the movie over Christmas I was more curious about why we had A.C. Gilbert's museum in Salem, OR.  So, I kept my eyes open as we were there, and I definitely looked closer at the timeline up in one of the houses.  What ties does A.C. Gilbert have with Salem?.....He was born there!


After watching the movie, it was so much more interesting to look at everything that we had looked at the last 20 times we had been there!


It was exciting to see 2015 up in the dress-up room.  I had a good feeling about the new year when I looked at this sign.


This boy cracked me up as he was looking in the mirror at himself.


They had a craft room of making masks.



They all requested to sit on the huge rocking chair for a picture like we have done before with all the cousins.


The grocery store room...


This room is kinda neat.  There is a camera (of some sort?) set up and the kids can dance around and watch the screen change patterns.



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