Thursday, June 25, 2015

summer library programs and fun

We have hit the Wilsonville library 2 weeks in a row for their summer fun programs and science story times.  It has felt like we are there all the time lately.  What's even better is we are going to be there on Monday again!  We are starting up volunteering again to get hours for our library card.

Anyway, the shows have been great.  This picture is of the family story time.  We love their storytime.  They act out the stories, and it's always pretty funny. I even find myself enjoying them. This day was The carrot seed.  I was thrilled because we had just gotten done with rowing the carrot seed.  The librarian in this picture is holding a watering can, and acting as the little boy.  They did it along with the old radio program.


 Afterwards they have science activities and games.  Alex wanted to build with the foam blocks for a while.

They have a fun superhero photo booth set up.  We finally got pictures with the pad.

So fun!

 What a face!

 After the library programs....

We think we get to go swimming.  This kid puts his swimsuit on everyday hoping for a jump in the pool (even on days when we aren't :)

 We do science projects.  Aric pulled out some old science kits I had forgotten about. It's always nice to find old unused things. We did some baking soda and vinegar "volcanoes."

We picked strawberries one day.  I finally made my own strawberry jam!

 Aaron just loved this strawberry...

 Here is another old kit I remembered about one Sunday afternoon.  We sat down and made all together. I bought this a few years back for Aaron, but he had given up on it.  It really needed an adults help.

 So, I sat down and did it with them!  I enjoyed working with them on this project, and I'm kinda glad I didn't get rid of it like I thought about doing a few times.
(ahem, please ignore my pie in this picture :)

It turned out to fun to make, but not so great in functionality.  The loop didn't work at all, so we took it out. But then parts kept falling off. So, good idea, but not so great product I guess.

What are you up to this summer?


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