Monday, June 15, 2015

The carrot seed (B4FIAR)

Delightful Learning
Alex was 4 years and 5 months old

We read The Carrot seed all this week, and some of last.  It took about 2 weeks to row this book, and I have found that it takes us about that much time for most of our five in a row books.  We are taking it slow.  But, also I don't do a lot of planning. I just pick up the book, and see what activities I can put together during the week. I also see what interests my child has as we start to read, and that leads us in a lot of the activities I choose.

Alex really loved this book.  He even got to the point where he was reading it to me.  He almost had it memorized pretty good!

This was completely an impromptu activity, but we decided to go outside and water the carrots we have growing.  Afterward, the kids wanted to draw with chalk, so we drew some carrots while I read them the book.  It was a fun beginning to our B4FIAR week.


One day we listened to the story this radio program.  That was pretty fun to listen to that old program! Alex read the book to me quite a few times as well.


I made some orange playdoh, and he counted carrots one day.


Our carrots are not ready yet, so we had some snap peas to look at, eat, and count.  He decided to take the peas out and count them.


Line them up...


And apparently they make good phones too...


I printed off a few things for him to do.  A carrot triangle shape finder, and tracing triangle carrots.  You can find those at this blog.


He made a C is for carrot with orange foam carrots, and green colored tops.


April helped trace his triangles one day.


This was his absolute favorite activity, and one that I didn't really plan on him doing.  I was going to cut the carrots, and he sat down with me wanting to cut them himself.  I let him, but I sat with him the whole time.  He did pretty good, and handled the knife very carefully.  He cut all those carrots, and wanted more!


He made a carrot seed lapbook from Homeschool share.

It was a fun week. We never got around to growing beans and watching them grow.  We still may do that sometime this summer.  We also never harvested any of our own carrots.  Hoping they'll grow so he can see them come from the ground.


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