Monday, August 3, 2015

July wrap up

July came and went in a flash! It was a hot, busy month.  We had a lot going on, and I only have a few pictures to really show for all we did.

We went to a few farmer's markets, and even participated in one with our co-op.  But first here's the picture of the boys playing a giant Jenga game at the Wilsonville farmer's market.  It was pretty fun, and a neat farmer's market in an area of Wilsonville that we hadn't discovered yet.


Here is our Salem Life academy farmer's market that we had for the kids to sell their "goods."  Aaron sold cinnamon rolls that he made, and Aric sold Gluten free cupcakes, and fruit cups.  It was a lot of fun, and great for the kids to see what it might be like to have their own little "business."  Aaron made pretty good on those cinnamon rolls. The market was called "home grown smiles."


It was a hot Friday evening, 100* out, but these boys stuck it out.  It was a fun evening.


We made it to OMSI one day.


We squeezed in a few reading lessons. Here is Alex working on the letter D, and he started learning to rhyme words. He is starting to understand rhyming a bit better now. Now after the lesson he has started trying to figure out which words rhyme, and he'll ask me when he thinks something rhymes.


Alex sorted our transportation manipulatives one day.  He is my first boy to really love sorting.


April had her 8th grade testing done...


 We "rowed" Blueberries for Sal, and did some "blueberry" painting...


 We found a Perplexus at Goodwill, and have been enjoying having that around.  I even have fun trying to figure it out!


 Aaron had a blast at cub camp for 4 days...


The theme was cubstruction, and he was in the shovels group.


Some other activities in July that aren't pictured are swimming (lots of it to keep cool), Aric's birthday, girls camp for April, golf club for Aric and Aaron, playing with cousins at the beach and lots of other fun places, and probably more that I'm forgetting.

Hoping to post more in August!


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