Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Junior golf club

Aaron and Aric did the First Tee junior golf club this summer.  They had a good time, but it was mostly hot everytime!  I think Aaron has discovered a new sport that he enjoys.  Aric not so much.

For the last day of golf club the kids were allowed to bring an adult with them to play a round of golf with.  I had the idea to have Aaron ask Grandpa Winz since I knew that Grandpa enjoys golfing, and even has a set of golf clubs!  (Something we didn't have for this club, but they borrowed from others during the classes)

Grandpa came up, and they went early to the driving range to hit a few balls before the round of golf started. I guess they had to wait a while before actually getting to golf...


Aric didn't do the last class, and he decided not to go today for the family night game.  It worked out good since we didn't have a set of clubs for him, and I really don't know anything about golfing unless it's mini-golf at the local family fun center. Golf is definitely not Aric's thing!


I think both boys learned quite a bit though.  Things like, how hot it can be out on a golf course on a summer day. Or, that golf carts can be pretty fun to ride in.


April even got to start learning what it's like to be behind the wheel!


Overall, I don't know if we'll do the golf club again. Maybe for Aaron, and I heard that he borrowed Grandpa's junior set of golf clubs for a while to go hit some balls on his own.


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