Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Popcorn unit study


We did a unit on popcorn back in August. Popcorn? What's there to learn about popcorn, you say? Well, if it hadn't been for the Download and go unit study by Amanda Bennett I might not of thought of all the cool things to discover about popcorn either.

There is, in fact, all kinds of things to study about popcorn! There's the science of it all, which was probably the most fascinating part to my kids. The history of where it came from, and how it was used by people long ago. We wrote about it, read some interesting books about it, and learned some great new vocabulary. I really love unit studies because of all that can be found in such a simple topic.

This was a fun unit, but unfortunately we did only a portion of it so I don't have a lot of pictures of what we did.

Here are some books we read. That one with the white cover called Popcorn by Elaine Landau was by far the most useful for us to find some great information. And, it was fun to read.


We touched a little on the state of Nebraska... we never made it to L is for Lincoln...


We made many batches of popcorn from this bag of multicolor popcorn. Aaron became the popcorn making master.


He enjoyed making it on the stove top with a pan. Some batches came out great, some were burnt.


The boys made a notebook page about popcorn. Here's Alex's page...


Here's Aaron's. They had to include a picture and some other bits of information. One thing they had to do was write the scientific name of popcorn.


Here's Aric's. Another thing they had to write was, how many types of popcorn?


We watched a lot of youtube videos on how popcorn works, and other fun videos too. It's a fun study!

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