Thursday, December 17, 2015

G is for Get moving!

Have you ever had a problem getting your homeschooler to move? Well, we have, and we're working real hard to fix it. I took the kids to a trampoline place, and this is what they did...


Way too much sitting! Really, this isn't normal for them when we are at a trampoline place. But, the problem here was that they didn't have any friends to jump with, so they were "BORED". I wanted to see more of this action...


Alex was happy as a clam to be jumping all over the place, and eventually the big kids got going on their jumping. By the end they didn't want to leave! Unfortunately, these PE outings are expensive so we can't always go out to a trampoline place. Or, roller skating (which they all love)...



Sometimes we have to just do something quick at home, or at the park. We are looking for more creative ways to get them moving not only because we want them to get PE where they learn to move their bodies but also to have it as a part of their lifestyle. We want them to keep moving, and enjoy moving. It's going to be something we have to live by as well, so that means that we will have to keep moving too. It really becomes a family thing!

Since we are trying to move more, I thought I'd do a little round-up of exercise ideas to keep the homeschool kids moving this winter (and anytime really):

Of course some of those options do cost money, so if you need a quick free option YouTube can be a great free resource for some very kid friendly workouts. We have been using these a lot lately.

Here are our favorite YouTube kids workouts:
I have been turning on something in the mornings before we get started with our school work just to get the wiggles out. it has been great at getting them ready to sit down and focus for a little bit.

First we have Cosmic kids yoga! These are so fun, and it's like story time too. My boys don't do these as much as the others, but I still wanted to share this great resource. I love them, and almost want to do them instead of the regular adult yoga. This is a shot of the Harry Potter episode on our TV. We can run YouTube right to our TV.

Next up we have the "workout kid". This one is a favorite of Aric's. He's a fun kid, and the boys like his personality. I think it's a great series because it's all outdoors at the parks, and includes a lot of nature-y stuff too. He also makes Aric laugh.

The last one I'll share is Fitness Blender. It is a fun work out for Alex. He can do this one pretty good, and it moves at just the right speed for him.

Alex doing fitness blender

Something new for us this school year is a Kroc center membership. We decided to give the family membership a try since April was getting a membership through her charter school. We try to go as often as we can, but the barrier for us not using it more is the distance. It is a little drive, and that keeps us from going more often.

We have enjoyed using the fitness equipment though, and have had a few date nights of just going and working out. I also take the kids to the fit kids program. We have used the pool a few times as well for family swim nights. I just wish it had more actual exercise choices for kids, and homeschoolers.


Try to build exercise and movement into your homeschool day, or regular day if you don't homeschool. Even if it's just 15-20 minutes. A short burst of activity and movement can help anyone throughout the day. It clears the mind, and gets the heart pumping. Now, to get that high schooler moving...

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  1. Thanks for all the great ideas! When we are home all day, I forget to have them go run around outside, or get moving. And I am excited to try some of the Youtube videos with them!

  2. Great ideas! I need to find ways to get my youngest moving more often. My highschoolers either run or go to the gym, but the youngest prefers staying inside lounging around for most of the day.


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