Friday, December 4, 2015

Our week: Christmas activities galore!

Well, I wasn't exactly sure what we accomplished this week when I started thinking about my wrap-up for the week. I thought I might not have much to say, and I really don't when it comes to book work. We did math a few days, but other than that it was mostly Christmas fun, and life. We returned home from our trip on Saturday, and then I got sick, and a few of the boys got sick so it was a matter of survival the first few days of the week.

I knew I had to get some sort of Christmas countdown together on Monday, so I threw this together with a pack of socks that I bought for Alex which didn't fit. I let the boys color them with sharpie markers, bought some stickers, and put our countdown activities in them. One is a Charlie Brown Christmas felt board. The other is Truth in Tinsel.

This may not be the prettiest countdown, but the boys sure had fun coloring all those socks! I'm sure there is some way to decorate them super pretty, we didn't have time for that this year.
One day for math Alex got to make these Star Wars finger puppets from his Star Wars Preschool number fun book. We did some counting with them, but mostly he just liked playing with them.


Our first day of truth in the tinsel. I love this ornament, it always turns out so pretty!


We finally made these gingerbread houses from a kit that we picked up before our vacation. Aric really wanted to do them before we left. I think they are cute, but I'm pretty sure I don't ever want to buy a kit again. I really want to do homemade again, and make them big for each kid. I love how Chocolate on my cranium does them.


Aric carefully working on his.


So, April started a new science class at, and had 3 experiements at the end of the lesson. She did NOT want to do the diaper one! This picture doesn't look very pretty, but it is a test to see how much the diaper can hold. It is actually something I wanted to do as a science experiment for a while, which is why I happened to have a pack of diapers on hand. So, I did the experiment for her. She was officially grossed out. Alex however was fascinated, and helped me pour the water. Then, we cut it open to see what holds all that water in the diaper. Alex was the only one brave enough to touch it. Honestly, that stuff kinda grosses me out too! That was the end of that experiment.


She happily did the other 2 experiments. A bird balancing one... that Alex wanted to try too.


The last experiment was dropping water on a penny to see how many drops it would take before the water overflowed off the penny.


Our co-op day was pretty fun since it was a Christmas theme spirit day. Everyone dressed in something Christmassy, and we had a yummy taco bar lunch. Alex wore those Santa pj's all day. We had trains in his class, and these boys played with them the whole time!


Aric was finally able to go to Taekwondo to pick up his sparring gear. He was super excited.


He and his brother had fun playing together "rough housing" with it on.



We spent our usual Friday morning at the library with our local homeschool friends. We had a little lesson on Wassily Kandinsky, made some Kandinsky circles, and visited and played games in the kids' area. This picture below is when I was trying to take a picture of him with his art, but he just wanted to get too close to the camera!


We had several days of rain this week, so the sun was calling us outside today (Friday)! We made our way over to the farm to play for a little bit.


That's our week!

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  1. I've seen fully saturated diapers... in my washing machine! One of my kids used to wear Pull Ups at night far past when they potty trained, and every once in a while would get lazy about taking them out of the pajama pants to throw away. :P They explode. That gel stuff gets everywhere. Can't be good for the washer plumbing.

    If you don't have a friend with the right size baby for the rest of the pack, consider donating it to a crisis pregnancy center or food bank. Your church nursery would probably welcome them, too, if neither of those options are local to you. Diapers are so expensive! (We've had at least 1, if not 3 kids in diapers for most of the past 24 years.)

    1. Yikes! The washing machine and a diaper would not be fun. We will definitely use the diapers. I bought them big enough for my 4yr old to wear at night instead of a pull-up for a while. He actually chooses them!


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