Monday, January 4, 2016

Today--first school day of 2016


Several of my homeschool friends were posting on Facebook about how great their first day back to school was today. I love posts like that because we all need days like that. I was kinda feeling like our day wasn't so great at first, but then it was, so I just want to share some snippets of our day today. Some good, some not so good, but over all a very good day.


  1. We exercised in the morning. Meaning me and at least half the kids.
  2.  We started up a Five in a row unit today, and I'm very excited to be rowing again.
  3. I might have been a little intense jumping back into the groove today. That was not a good idea. We need to ease into these things after a long break.
  4. All the kids at least got math done.
  5. I might have bribed the kids with Taco Bell to get their school work done. 
  6. All the boys had fun outside breaking up all the ice from our recent storm
  7. We had Taco bell for lunch anyway because the kitchen was too messy.
  8. April was sooooo happy to get back to violin lessons. 
  9. We stopped at the library and checked out an insane number of books.
  10. We made it to all the stores that I planned to stop at during her lessons.
  11. We stopped by a creek that we checked out at the end of summer, which was completely dry at the time, to see if it had filled with water yet. With our wet winter, it has! We were wishing we had taken pictures to document it.
  12. I got my blog book bound, finally!
  13. We made it home just in time for Taekwondo, and to pick up a taekwondo buddy who we then almost drove by because they thought it was their day to drive.
  14. Daddy came home early, yay!
  15. Dad fixed April's laptop internet connection so now she can do school easier.
  16. We had spaghetti for dinner. A common go-to when things get busy.
  17. We went swimming as a family at the Kroc center. There was some moaning and groaning from the older kids who possibly didn't want to go, but all had fun in the end. PE accomplished for all!
  18. We came home and called it a day!
  19. My first review for the Schoolhouse Crew goes live tomorrow morning, so I'm polishing that up!
 How was your day?

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