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Archery Dice game by SimplyFun (A REVIEW)

SimplyFun Review

We love games! Most people are surprised at the enormous wall of games that we have when they walk into our living room, so with that said I am super excited about this review. I am reviewing Archery Dice, one of four SimplyFun new releases. I love finding new and interesting games that have some fun and education built into it. I am glad to add Archery Dice to our collection, and I think I may even want to try more of their games in the future.

SimplyFun Review

I chose Archery Dice because it has the word archery in it, and all my kids love anything archery. It is true to its name for the most part except there are no bows and arrows. You have to use your finger as the "arrow" and aim the dice for the target. We received the physical game, and the game comes in a nice sturdy box which is so nice for game packaging these days. I need that box to hold up!


 This game comes with enough pieces for up to 4 players, some targets, and a short and concise instruction book. I have to admit the instructions are a tad bit confusing at first, but once you get started with the game it all makes sense. I think that the directions seem that way because it is such a different game in that it doesn't have a game board with limitations. It's hard to see where the boundaries are until you start playing, and get a feel for where everything needs to go or land.


Basically for this game you have a stack of 3 dice on a wooden chip, and you have to flick the top dice and land on one of 3 targets. It is pretty simple, yet fun. The game moves pretty fast once you get started. Even my 4 year old was able to play. There are all kinds of rules about where the dice can go, fouls, and stealing others' targets. It's pretty action packed for a dice game.


Most of this game is all about technique in your finger flicking. We all had a really hard time flicking the dice just right to get it to land on a target. It really takes some practice to not flick it too hard, or too light, or make too many dice go. At first we had to try a straight finger (pointed like an arrow) to see if that would work better.


But, we realized in the end that it really is just easier to do the flicking like the instructions suggested. If you get the technique down you can get the dice to go just right.


I played this with all my children, and they all enjoyed it. We played only at the table, but I have seen other reviewers say that they have played on the floor or where ever. I think it would be fun to try some different places to see how the boundaries can change.


Overall this product receives a 2 thumbs up from me. I think it is built very well for a game, and the game itself is interesting enough. The game recommends 7 and up, but my 5 year old could play it. If this game doesn't look interesting go check out SimplyFun's website! They have a lot of games for different age levels. Some more educational, some more fun. I'd like to try some more out in the future for sure.

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SimplyFun Review
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