Monday, February 1, 2016

A walk

We went on a nice walk last Monday with some friends. It was so beautiful out, and I had been thinking all morning that we should go for a walk. Well, my friend Bethany, posted on Facebook that they were going to go for a walk if anybody wanted to join them. I jumped on that opportunity since we were headed up that direction anyway.

It was just perfect. A nice break in all the rain, and gloom. This was a perfect spring teaser day, and you just have to take those when you can. We ditched everything and raced to join them.

Alex and T. on the giant acorn.


All the kids, mostly. Aaron managed to hide. I am so grateful that we have these guys for friends.


Alex and T. walking ahead together. These two are just so much fun...


I handed the camera over to April, and she took some great shots. She loves walks when she can have the camera.


The place where we walked, Graham Oaks Park, used to be an old farm. It's not the most beautiful walk, but it does the job.


I just love this picture. Thanks Bethany for making me take it. I usually don't like to be in the pictures.


Love the pine trees.


A walk is so much more interesting with friends. We all happened to notice the ferns growing on the trees. Interesting.


And, of course, in Oregon there's moss on everything! I have learned to appreciate its beauty.


Oh the sunshine, glorious sunshine!


These 2 walked together most of the time. I'm glad Aaron had a friend to walk with. He likes walks better with friends too.


Reading up on some of the things happening in nature around that area. There was some history too.


Mushrooms and moss makes Mom very mad.

Okay, not really, but I couldn't think of a better word that starts with m. No really, this is actually really cool to see them both on this stump.

That's our outdoor time from last week! I'm hoping to get out and feed some ducks this week.

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  1. You and April got some great shots! So glad you guys joined us. :)


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