Monday, February 15, 2016

Happy Valentine's day 2016

This year everyone in this house received a box of chocolates! It was a good year. Some are still enjoying and savoring their box of chocolates, and some have eaten all theirs. Either way, it has been fun to watch how the kids each handle their box of chocolates.


I don't necessarily love Valentine's day in the commercial sense. But, I do love having a day that reminds us what it really means to love, reminds us of who we love, and how we should show love to them.  I asked the children what Valentine's day meant to them, and the answers were mostly around the candy, and Valentine's parties. But, one child answered perfectly, and said it's about loving others and not just your significant other but everyone.


I think that hits it right on the nose for me, so the night before Valentine's day I decided I wanted to make Valentine's day more than just candy and Valentine's cards. I wanted each child to feel special and loved. I decided I would "heart attack" them and write compliments or reasons why I love them on each heart.


It was hard to decide the # of hearts, because there are obviously a million more reasons than these, so I chose their age. It was a hit, and our house looks so festive. Alex doesn't want me to take his down. I had to put them on different doors because the 3 boys share a room, so I picked different areas of the house. It worked out well though.


 I am hoping to make this a tradition, and add a heart each year as they get older. It sure was fun to think of all these things, and it reminded me to look at the good in each child.

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  1. Being intentional about looking for the positive is awesome! It's so easy to get focused on the irritating and discouraging when we spend every moment of every day with people, so I love that you identified multiple things for each child. I may have to copy you in some way. Hmmm ...


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