Friday, April 1, 2016

5 Days of Homeschool Tips: Day 5~5 tips for Friday

It's the last day for the 5 days of tips for homeschool parents, so today I'm just going to give you 5 of my best tips for homeschooling as a sort of 5 on Friday. These are just some basic survival tips for homeschool life that I try to remember, especially when things get busy or rough.


Morning Routine. Implement some sort of morning routine. A way to get the day started off right. I recently discovered this "Morning basket" idea, and I'm trying it out currently. I love how it's working, even though it doesn't always work perfectly. I have always been trying to get something similar to this going in our homeschool for years. It's just hard to be consistent, but always a work in progress. As the book states:

"So we must simply start each day. Even if we whisper that we are only going to do five minutes. Even if we only do prayer. Even if we don't begin with prayer at all but go straight to everyone's favorite part-whatever that may be. Beginning is a huge victory over darkness. Post that on a sticky note somewhere you can see it and live it daily."

Getting started in the morning is one of my biggest struggles, but I feel it is always the best start to our day when we start it with a morning meeting of some sort. So that's my first tip!


Don't worry about what you are not getting done.  This puts me into a frizz all. the. time. I worry, constantly. But, I find that when I don't worry so much, and just relax we are all happier.


Enjoy the blessings and freedoms of homeschooling. I forget this a lot. We are free to choose how we school, or not. We have many blessings as homeschoolers. It is sometimes a good practice to list all these out, and see it visually as a reminder for those rough days. I am probably due to do this soon.


Keep it simple. I tend to complicate things. All the time. I want everything to be perfect and in order, and it just isn't going to always be that way. There won't always be some big extravagant lesson plans, or fun activities. Sometimes things just need to get done, and be simple. Know your limits, and let the rest go.


Don't forget to have fun, and keep laughing. There were a few 5 days of tips posts about this very thing! It's so easy to be serious all the time, and forget the joy you can find in homeschooling each day. Slow down, and find things to be happy about. It really helps lift everyone's spirits. Play some games, Do some fun learning activities. Go on some field trips. Remember, when Mama's happy, everyone's happy.

5 Days of Tips for Homeschool Parents

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