Saturday, April 9, 2016

STEM Saturday: Eggs and air

We had  some simple fun with eggs a few weeks ago before Easter.

First we had an egg stacking challenge. The 2 little boys had fun seeing how tall they could make their stacks. I had fun doing this too! It's quite challenging.


They would get very wobbly in the middle because they are so smooth. I think this is about the tallest we could get them.


It made for some giggly fun!


I would help Alex hold his up and he could get it pretty tall too.


I love how they were doing this at the same time.


We had some egg spoon races. Getting ready to start. I didn't get any pictures of the action though.


Another morning was spent doing a simple science experiment out of this book: The Usborne Book of Science Activities Volume Two.


The experiment was to use air to get their papers to move across the floor. Of course, this turned into some races.  We were able to play with the papers to see how to best get the air to go under them. The boys loved this, and it was so much fun.


The only problem we ran into was that the 5 year-old did not like losing. He couldn't get his paper to move like the older boys, and would give up too quickly.


This led to many upset endings. But, it was still a fun challenge, and the boys enjoyed doing it for a good portion of our morning.


One of the rare shots of him actually still going to the finish line before he gave up. Aric (the one with the happy face) had this down, and won almost every time. He really knew how to make that paper fly.


How about using eggs?

Then, we had the fun idea to try it with eggs! Could we make the eggs move with air too? See that pouty face? He was still being a sour face because he didn't like not winning.


Yes, the eggs did move. Really well in fact! They had fun using air for some egg races now.


Finally a smile! He liked moving the eggs much better with the air.


And, he finally made it to the end!


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