Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Christmas decorations

Usually I like to break out all the decorations out over Thanksgiving weekend. I had no desire to do so this last weekend. Mainly because I was sick, but also a little because of all the work. Well, today I decided we should take a day and just do it. I'm still a little sick, but we had no where to be today, so it meant we could make as many trips to the storage as needed. We took some items to the storage, picked up the Christmas boxes, took home the Christmas boxes, decorated, then took back the (mostly) empty boxes. It was quite the process, but I'm glad to have it done, and the house looks so festive and beautiful now. We get to enjoy it while we go about all our many Christmas activities coming up in December. I'm amazed at how much the calendar is already filling up!

Alex was so excited about it all. He didn't miss a beat. He even made a "Christmas" fort, and played Christmas for a couple hours. It was fun to watch him. I never did get a picture of his fort.


Sitting at the couch this is what I get to see. I used to love to just sit on the couch as a little girl and dream about Christmas. I think I still love to sit at the couch and just remember and dream.


After the tree was all decorated...


Remember those ornaments we made with the Kwik Stix? I couldn't find the vinyl letters I wanted, so I decided to just pick up some stickers to put their names on them, and  they went up on the tree too!


The kids enjoyed seeing their creations get put up on the tree (at least the little ones anyway). Don't know about the big ones.




All the nativities are out. Aaron did a count, and he says I have 13 total this year. I think I beleive him! It's fun to see the different ones I've collected over the years. Maybe I'll have to do a post on just those!  This of course is the free play one...


 The cat had his fun today too. He full on attacked the first decoartion we had out, it was the Charlie Brown tree. I was worried at that point that we were doomed to have broken Christmas everything, but thankfully he chilled out as we got the tree up.


I put some ribbon on his cat tree, he played with that for a while.


 It looks so fun and festive.


Remember how I said I used to love to sit and stare at the lights, this picture of Alex looking at his lights in bed is what reminded me of that. A little Christmas fun in their little space is just what he needed. He asked if there would be presents under the tree tomorrow. We had to have a conversation about how many days there are until Christmas. He counted to 25 and said that was a lot of nights until Christmas! I guess to a little guy, that's forever.


 Time for the countdown!

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