Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Creating A Masterpiece (A REVIEW)

My kids are always telling me that they want to get better at drawing, so I was excited to try out this Drawing Program from Creating a Masterpiece. We had used Creating a Masterpiece program a few years ago for a different review, so I was pretty familiar with the quality of the lessons. The drawing lessons are no different. They feel like a real art class with real techniques that we can do from the comfort of our own home!

Creating a Masterpiece--Beginning Drawing lessons
For this online art curriculum, we received a year's subscription to all the drawing courses. This included all the beginning, level 1, level 2, and level 3 lessons. The lessons are presented in video format, and most are split up into several clips for easy access, finding or going back to certain parts. It is also encouraged to obtain high-quality art materials, so we had to purchase a set of real drawing pencils, and special paper to get started. We could easily find the materials we needed at the local art or craft store or online. In fact some we already had on hand from previous art kits, so check your supplies too, you might just have something already on hand! The main materials used are different hardness of pencils, charcoal, and colored pencils.

Before I introduced this to my kiddos, I gave the first lesson a try. I wasn't sure how difficult it would be.

Mom's drawing of a "Giraffe in cartoon" from the beginning level, lesson 1
After doing it myself, I decided to let my younger 2 give a try. I had a 6th grader and a 3rd grader try out the first lesson. It was a little too hard for the 3rd grader, but he gave it a good try. It is definitely more fit for middle school and above, I think. Although, I think if he had more patience, he could have probably had more success.

3rd grader watching the lesson introduction, and doodling on his paper.
My early middle schooler did a bit better, and this would definitely fit him better. He was able to make a nice drawing, but he didn't want me to post a picture of it, so out of respect, I am not putting it on here. He wasn't thrilled with how it came out.

6th grader drawing "giraffe in cartoon"
There are a total of 4 levels of drawing lessons included in this subscription, but we didn't even make it past the beginning. Here is a glimpse of the 3 other levels and the projects included:

Creating a Masterpiece--Level 1 lessons
Creating a Masterpiece--Level 2 lessons
Creating a Masterpiece--Level 3 Lessons
I think this is a great drawing program. It teaches real techniques to get some great artwork, so if you have a budding artist this is definitely a great program for that. My daughter (age 18) who draws very well now said she would have liked this back in her learning to draw years.

If you want to see what other crew members had to say about this drawing program you can click on the image below. They have all received the same program, but they may have done different drawings! Go check them out!

Learning to Draw {Creating a Masterpiece Reviews}
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