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Wooden Building Planks (A REVIEW)

We had a blast with another great product from Brain Blox! I wrote about the chess set a few days ago that we loved, but they also sent us this set of Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks to try out as well. We have really enjoyed the endless ways to play with them.

Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks

We received a box of 200 planks with a nice drawstring carry bag to store them in, and a little booklet with some building ideas. As soon as my son saw what was in the box he couldn't wait to dig in and play. The box opening was just as fun as playing for this kid. He was full of excitement and curiosity as he opened the box.


As he opened the box he first discovered the red drawstring backpack for storing the planks in. It was all nice and neatly folded up.


After pulling that and the idea booklet out he finally made his way to the planks. They were all so neatly organized in the box. He just had to dig them all up!


He opted to build his own thing for his very first project. He built some stairs!


I tried out something from the idea booklet. I made the bridge. There are no directions on how to build the ideas, just a picture, so I had to figure out what blocks were needed that weren't visible in the picture. A great way to use visual cues and build the brain!


We also had the opportunity to use some of the additional free resources at the Brain Blox website. There are a few additional things available there including more brain puzzles, additional building ideas, and some printable "let's build!" cards. We chose to print up a few of those cards to try out. The kids had fun with those. I wish I could print them all up!


The 200 piece plank set is a good number to build with multiple children or to make really big/tall structures. There is also a 100 piece, or a 300 piece set available. I would almost prefer the 300 pieces set since I have 3 boys and they all seem to want to build at the same time. They would have to take turns if they wanted to build something like this tower.


Even building big towers requires a lot of thinking. He had to figure out how to make it sturdy and decided that a platform would keep it so. He also had to make a decision on how to best knock down his tower so it would fall the way he wanted to. Watch this video to see how he pulled one precise plank out of the bottom to knock it down. 

The building planks provide so many fun opportunities to learn and build brain connections. As my son was building his tower he discovered how cool it was to look down inside it too. He loved it so much he asked for a camera to take a picture of the view. Looking at things from a different angle sure does give a different perspective! What a cool view! I love that he discovered that new way of looking at his tower.


I am so glad these come with a nice storage bag, and that it's labeled! I don't have to guess what's in the bag, and it's a bright red to capture attention. It's nice and sturdy too. The cloth is thick, and doesn't feel like it will fall apart! Thanks, Brain Blox!


Overall, I'm pretty sure you've realized by now that I'm very happy with Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks. Such a good quality product with so many ideas and creative ways to use them. I would highly recommend putting these on your Christmas lists, or even investing in them for your homeschool. I know I want to get more!

If you'd like to see what other crew review members have to say about these, you can click on the image below.

Brain Blox Wooden Building Planks {Brain Blox Reviews}
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