Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Baggin' the Dragon Maths (A REVIEW)

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One thing I feel is an important part of learning math is practice. Along with our daily math lessons I always try to get some practice in. Any kind of practice, whether it's facts or a game or a worksheet. Usually, I try to make it fun too. So, when I get the opportunity to try out a fun new math game it's a no-brainer for me. This fits the bill for fun math practice for sure. 


What is it I'm talking about? It's Baggin' the Dragon Maths Online from EdAlive! This is a fun online "board game" that allows the child to answer some challenging math questions to earn points and hero cards. The program is adaptive to the child's level as they play, and the questions are challenging enough to get the child thinking. I even played it with my kiddo and he beat me a few times!


To play this game my son has to log in to the Baggin' the Dragon Maths app. Once he logs in he can choose to play with the computer or he can join a game that a friend has created, he just has to get the code. He and I played a game together and it was definitely much more fun with a friend than with the computer.


The board game (pictured below) looks like a big circle with arrows. 

Screenshot of the game screen.

The dice are rolled and the game piece is automatically moved unless there is a choice on which path to take. Once the game piece lands, a math problem is presented. The child can click a button if they feel the problem is too hard. It's that easy! The end of the game is determined by what is chosen for the game length at the beginning. We usually did 20 turns. That was equivalent to about 30 minutes of math time for my kiddo.


I liked this because it was a fun way to do math without feeling like work. I was quite surprised at how well done the math problems themselves are done. I felt like they really got us thinking and engaged in the problem. If you need something for your kiddos to play this summer to keep the math fresh in their minds, definitely check this out!

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