Wednesday, July 7, 2021


Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew


Today I want to share with you a complete online math curriculum from CTCMath. We received a 12-month subscription to CTCMath with access to the program anywhere that we have an internet connection. This math curriculum covers all grades, Kindergarden through 12th, including calculus, and you can freely move through all the grade levels if you decide your student needs to go back or move forward.

CTC Math homepage

When we received our login information we could start right away. I was able to login to my parent account and my student has his own account too. We could choose his level and/or take some diagnostic tests. As he works through the lessons his problems are immediately graded so no grading for mom/teacher! All the teacher has to do is look at the reports in the parent account.

This is what the video for the Times Tables-Missing Number (5th grade) lesson looks like

Every lesson has an instruction video that the student watches before completing the problems. The videos are clear and get straight to the point. There's a voice speaking/explaining the concept and many examples being shown. The videos are so helpful and have a lot of great information.

After the video there are questions that relate to the video/lesson. This one is Times Tables-Missing Number (5th grade)

After the video there are several problems to work through to practice what was taught in the video. These problems reinforce the lesson and are great practice. The student can also see their score as they move through the questions. I love that each lesson is presented in bite size pieces so that the child doesn't get overwhelmed or confused about the concept being presented and gives them the confidence to keep going. 

This is the parent account where I can see how all my students are doing, assign tasks, and many other tasks necessary to help my students.

CTCMath is a great program to build math skills in a fast and efficient way. It's easy to monitor students work, and make sure they are doing the necessary lessons for where they are at. There's no grading or teaching by mom, the program does all that! It's a great curriculum to keep kids moving forward in math.

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Online Homeschool Math with CTCMath

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