Sunday, February 19, 2012

Homeschool favorites: abc crafts

I realized that I hadn't done a homeschool favorites post for 2 weeks!  I really like reflecting on what some of our favorite homeschool activities or things that we use during the week are.

For this week our homeschool favorite is a simple abc craft.  Not only did my preschooler love this particular one, but he always loves a letter craft.  We hadn't done one in a while, and I forgot just how much learning goes on while doing them.

In this J is for Jupiter craft I first had some chalk and a black piece of glittery construction paper to make some stars.  We talked about space, and the planets.  I had a printed coloring page of Jupiter.  We looked up in a book what Jupiter looks like and that led to much curiosity about space and we looked at the other planets.  We looked at the colors of Jupiter, the red spot, and the size.  We talked about how it started with the 'j' sound.  And, he colored the letter J.  Amazing how much is packed in one little craft! 

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