Thursday, February 2, 2012

Our 100 day celebration!

We spent a whole day focused on 100 yesterday.  I gave the kids a "challenge" to do something, and we would all work together to do it.  I wasn't really sure how this day would work, if the kids would get tired of hearing about 100, and if I would get tired of it too.  But, we didn't!  It turned out to be the most super fun homeschool day!  The kids went strong the whole time too, in fact I'm still hearing 100 this and 100 that today.

I had 2 thoughts about our 100 day before it started.  The first thought was that I didn't want it wouldn't get tedious counting to 100 over and over again.  We counted a few times, but mostly just focused on the number 100. The second thought was that it needed to be fun.  I think we achieved both of those!

First thing in the morning we started out with reading the 100th page in random books pulled off the shelf.  Aaron's page was a story about Dumbo trying to save his mom:
Aric's 100th page was from a library book called "Charlie Brown: how things work".  We read about how scuba diving tanks work:
And, for April's choice she picked an old question and answer book, so we learned about fruit:

After a while my kids' brains were very fixed on 100.  Aaron brought one of his toy army sets out to show me that it had exactly 100 pieces.

The next '100' challenge was to go find a collection of 100 things, something they really liked.  A toy, or something.

Aric's collection was of course his box of cars.  Yep, that is 100 cars, and just exactly about the whole box worth.  April pointed out too that since these cars are about $1 each, there is about $100 worth of cars there.  Interesting, right?  Give or take a few. 

April's collection was beads.  That sure doesn't seem like 100!

Aaron's collection was lego's.  It was easiest to count in 10's with him.  He gets less frustrated that way.  He lined them up in rows of ten, and counted out 10 ten times.
Then we squished it into a pile to see how big it would be.

The creative 100 project challenge...
Another challenge was to be creative with 100 of something.  It could be anything of their choosing.  I had so many fun ideas that I gave them, but I wanted it to be their project, so I let them go off and do something.

Aaron's involved lego's.  He needed some help, but he made a lego creation.  I'm not sure if he ended up with 100 pieces here, but it's close.
The next part of their project was they got to present it and tell about it.  Here he is presenting his lego building...

Aric's project was so fun.  I helped him a lot with his, but he did most of the physical creating.  His was melting 100 crayons.  He LOVED this.  He lined up all 100 crayons that I helped him count out.  He drew all over the poster board first, and then we put glue all over one end and he just lined them up.  By the way, I found this melting crayon idea on Pinterest.
He told me the colors as he picked out which color group to do next...

Then, we took a hair dryer and melted the colors for the presentation!  I wish there were a better way than a hair dryer, it was so messy.  But still cool.

April's creative project was to write a story about our day with 100 words.  She came up with that all on her own!  I was very impressed.

We also put 100 stickers on a page.  Here's April's.
Here is Aric's sticker page.  I helped him.  I loved this one because I love to just put stickers on paper.  He liked it too.
April colored an angry bird 100 chart coloring page.  She liked the googly eyes.
Aaron counted 100 shoes, and filled in the missing numbers.  I made this page for him.
At the end he wrote 100.

There are 2 other things we did that aren't pictured...

1.  We went somewhere fun for lunch.  I took them to Chuck 'e Cheeses.  We got 100 tokens (and then maybe a few more) and divided them among all the kids.  We took some homeschool friends with us too, so it was lots of fun.

2.  We went to the grocery store, and I gave the kids a challenge to find something with 100 pieces/ounces/percents/anything.  It was fun challenge (especially for April, she got really creative), and kept them busy.  We surprisingly had a hard time finding a lot of things with exactly 100 pieces or whatever.  We also moved a little slower than I'd have liked because they wanted to look for 100 on everything.  It was fun.

This was our first every 100 day celebration, and it turned out great!  I really didn't plan a lot of this, it all just kind of came together, and I'm so thankful for that!  I had a few ideas the night before, but I really had no idea how it would all come together.  It made for a fun, relaxing day of homeschool.  We may do it again next year. 

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