Thursday, March 22, 2012

deconstructing a typewriter

 You know what's really fun?  Taking stuff apart to see how they work!

We had an old typewriter that needed to go somewhere.  It could have went to goodwill, but it had paint spots on it from paint that leaked all over it, and I couldn't find the cover.  So, instead I just let the kids have at it and take it apart.  They LOVED it.

First they had fun taking the keys off with keys, ha ha!  I just realized that as I was typing it.  Under the individual keys there were cool little springs, the kids liked those.

It took some time to really get it apart and get to the inside.  But, once we were in there it was pretty impressive to see the inside workings of a typewriter.
I let the kids each keep a few parts for fun.  As you can see here, Aric has the plate the the keys were originally on.
This part was pretty cool to see.  The letters, symbols, and numbers that were used to make the typing.
We were all amazed at all the pieces and workings of a typewriter! 


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