Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring books

It's book sharing Monday again, so I had a few Spring books that we read recently and an art project to go along with one of them for stART.

The first book is Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert.  Our copy is a big board book so it stands up pretty well :-)  It's about all the different colors of a garden and how they plant "the rainbow" each spring and watch it grow.  It flips through each color and has some examples of flowers that might be found with each different color.

I've been working on the rainbow a little bit with Aric, my 3 year old.  He has loved learning about the colors in the rainbow.  He liked reading this book too.


Then, he made a rainbow with pipe cleaners and playdough for the "clouds".  He liked this.  He also took it apart and did it again. 



The other book I wanted to share is Winnie the Pooh's Easter by Bruce Talkington.  I found this book at Goodwill recently.  It has such a cute story about how they find a giant Easter egg, and in classic Winnie the Pooh style they paint themselves like Easter eggs in hopes that they might be able to make the egg more comfortable.
A quote:

"Piglet resembled a very small, very red apple, while Owl was a sky blue color with a trim of fleecy white clouds.  Gopher was the color of a ripe banana, and Eeyore was decked out in lavender polka dots."

I always love a good Pooh bear story!

I am linking this up to stART, and book sharing Monday.

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  1. Who can resist Pooh. I also love Lois Ehlert although I hadn't seen this one. Followed you from Monday Book Sharing.

  2. Those are the cutest rainbows!!!

  3. What a cute rainbow, I think the girls would enjoy making one too. I love the books you picked to go with it too :)

    Thank you for sharing and linking up to stART!

    ~Michelle @ A Mommy's Adventures


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