Tuesday, March 20, 2012


We are officially on spring break right now, but we had to do something fun for the first day of spring!  I'm pretty excited for spring, especially some more spring-like weather. First, we have some new homeschool pets.  I'm not going to say what they are yet, but give me some guesses!  We have been having fun with these new creatures in our house, and they sure are cute.  The kids have been holding and loving them, and of course they are housed in our dining room/school room right now.  As I was making new space for them I decided to write this on the chalkboard, because it was so spring-like and happy making some space for our new friends.

April loved it.  She loves things like that, so I knew she would.

There's a lot of pink outside right now, so I thought it would be fun to try the apple blossom painting with a soda bottle that I found on pinterest.  Ours certainly didn't turn out as beautiful, but they are truly unique.  Also, I realized that we needed a smaller pop bottle not a 2 liter, to make the blossoms.  Oh well!




That's about all that was lovely and bright on this very dreary and gray rainy day.  Most of the day was spent inside, and I had no desire to go anywhere.  Probably wouldn't have if it wasn't for April's horse lessons!  I also felt pretty tired most of the day, and didn't hardly get any projects done on my long list of spring break projects to get done.  Hoping the 2nd day of spring is a little more exciting!


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