Monday, March 12, 2012

lego quest and creations

These are the kids' latest lego creations, and the first one we submitted to lego quest.  It's a hairbrush.  The challenge was to make a functional household item.  The picture we had to submit had to show the item in action.  April came up with the hairbrush on her own, such a good idea!

April's hairbrush in action...

The hairbrush...

This is Aaron's creation.  He likes to make things with wheels, but it didn't pass as a useful household object, just something fun.

This is Aric's.  His always seems to include some of his "Cars" characters in some way.  He loves his "Cars" characters.  Here we have mater and Holly Shiftwell in the combo vehicle. 
Lego's are pretty awesome.


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  1. Porter & Hudson LOVE Legos! Seriously, I pull out the Legos and they will keep them busy for HOURS!

    And I had no idea about pinterest. I've forced myself to not start one because I can just imagine myself spending waaaaay too much time there, but we'll see if I can last:)


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