Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas fun--pop up cards

Book:  (was supposed to be) A pop up book, Winter's Tale by Robert Sabuda.  That book looks very interesting and neat, however we don't have it nor can I find it at the library.  So, I came up with a good pop-up book while not necessarily Christmas related, it is definitely Christ related.  I remembered that I picked up this book at time out that has beautiful pop-ups of the temple.  It's called The House of The Lord.  It has pretty white pop-ups that remind me of snow in the winter.  The boys were very impressed. 

I really wanted to do the craft for this book, which was pop-up cards.  The boys loved both the book (that I picked) and the craft.

 The pop-up cards completed.
Aaron's card is on the left, Aric's on the right.

 A glimpse inside the book.

The front of the book.

Speaking of cards.  I took the kids' picture today for our Christmas cards.
Here is one of the pictures.
Only 2 came out good.
This one, and the one that will be on the Christmas card.
Thankful to have 2!
It was kind of a last minute photo shoot anyway.


I'm trying to share what we do each day this month.  Sometimes it's planned.  Sometimes it's not.  I just hope to create some memories and traditions, and I want to remember them.  I hope you enjoy our adventures.


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  1. Such a pretty idea! And thanks for the Christmas cheer, hope you have a very lovely Christmas also!


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