Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas fun--snowflake day

I am sorta starting out with a Christmas countdown finally!  I really wanted to do a story and craft everyday, and I came across this one at The crafty Crow.  I love the books that she is using each day.  Most are ones that we've never read, and I like the crafts she has to go with them.  So, we are going to give it a go, and hope we can get to them each day.

Book and activity day 1:  (we are starting there even though it's really day 7 today)
Snowflake Bentley and snowflake cookies
We read this story.  I actually forgot about this book until today!  It was in my Five in a row collection instead of the Christmas books, so I didn't have it wrapped up.  
 Instead of making paper snowflakes to go with the book we made snowflake cookies today.
I found this neat snowflake cookie cutter at a shop in Newport bay during our last trip to the coast.
I was so excited to try it out.
 Love the little hands that helped me cut all the cookies out!
Ready for the oven!

How perfect is it when we already had vanilla blue frosting in the pantry already?
Very perfect!
Made this cookie fun day even simpler!  Love it when that happens!

Add some sprinkles

Take a picture
Try a bite


We love sugar cookies.
Especially blue messy ones :-)


I had some fun decorating the rest after the kids went to bed.
I only let them eat one before bed.

To go with this theme of snowflakes it would have been even more fun if we would have made it to see the movie Frozen today, but we didn't.  It's probably a good thing since we have some runny noses and coughs.  Instead we got a load off to the garbage, and space to move things so we can take down the Christmas tree tomorrow!

Merry Christmas!


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