Friday, December 6, 2013

Pablo Picasso and blue guitar art project

We did this art project a few weeks ago, but it turned out so fun that I didn't want to miss sharing our fun.

While we were studying Picasso I found this blue guitar collage art project that I thought would be perfect for my kiddos.  They all love guitars, and it ties into one of Picasso's great pieces of art called "The Old Guitarist" that he painted during his "blue" period.

 We started by making a blue guitar on a large piece of construction paper, then they cut out pieces from newsprint or black construction paper to decorate the guitar how they wanted.


Love to see them all happily working (quietly).  This was a great project that they all loved.

All the finished guitars up on our board!  It was fun seeing them all together.
Even I did one.

April's guitar...

Aric's guitar...

Mom's guitar...

Aaron's guitar...

We also loved playing with a fun website called  The kids each created a Picasso style head.  Click the link and try it, it's fun!

I love teaching and learning art along with my kiddos.  I certainly learned a lot about Picasso!


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