Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ant nature study

We have a wonderful opportunity right now with Aaron's AntWorks ant farm to observe ants and do a little nature study.  So that's just what we did this week!

ant collage

We made brown paper bag nature study books with the printables from Toddler and Preschool Science activities at Spell out loud.  The printables and making this bag were even fun for my 2nd grader.  He loved making this book.  Both Aaron and Aric made one, and I made one for Alex too, who is actually the toddler.

Aric's cover
On one of the pages we made the ant life cycle using our ant life cycle stamps from insect lore.  Looks like they don't sell them anymore, but here is something else they have for the ant life cycle.

 We made a journal page from enchanted learning with the prompt that says, "ants are always agnry when..."
Aaron's says Ants are always angry when you shake their works (ant works or home).

Aaron's ant art project.  He tried to do the egg carton craft pictured below, but got too frustrated.  He opted to just paint a red ant.  Love that we can do that at home!

Aric and Alex made these ant egg carton crafts.  Pretty much they painted and I did the rest.  Getting the pipe cleaner legs and antennae attached is kind of hard for little ones.

Our ants nature study basket.  It now has a book about ants in it, not pictured here.  Also, notice the stamps, that's what they look like.  It's the only pic I got of them.

 The ants have quite a few tunnels going.  We put the ants on the table to watch them a lot!  Even I catch myself staring at them once in a while watching them work.

 Some other ideas that we didn't get to this week, but may do when we row Truman's ant farm for five in a row...


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