Sunday, February 16, 2014

Weekly wrap-up: butterflies and chicks

Here's what we did this week.  It's not much.  We had leftover snow on Monday, and Tuesday a Dr.'s appointment for Hubby.  Then the rest of the week was Valentine's day stuff, getting Valentine's ready etc.

Art (and a little nature study):

We painted this monarch butterfly craft from learn create love.  Our butterflies are all out of their Chrysallises, so we sat and watched them while we painted.  It was a fun art project.  Loved the results too.



Top left: Aaron's butterfly, Top right:  Aric's butterfly, bottom left: Alex's butterfly, bottom right: April's butterfly
Outside time and observations:

We have been getting quite a bit of rain this week, and sometimes we get these clouds that come through that drop a ton of rain.  This day it was pretty stormy.  April took these shots of the silhouetted tree against the dark cloud, and then the rainbow.  It's amazing to see what the weather brings sometimes!


One day we made it to the park when it wasn't raining for a short time.  Another shot of trees against the clouds.

One day the sun came out, and the boys wanted to play bubbles!  They found all kinds of bubbles we had from last summer.



Aaron is working on a Mexico lapbook.  Aric is working on a months of the year lapbook.  And, April is working on an Ancient Greece lapbook.

For Aaron's lapbook project this week we read about Omar from our Children just like me book while eating homemade enchilada's for lunch.  Aaron learned how to make the enchilada's too!


Aric is getting good at recognizing the months of the year.  He finished 2 elements for his lapbook.

April's ancient Greece lapbook is there on the right side of the table.  She has been reading the Percy Jackson series.  Flying through the books.  She couldn't have picked a better time to read them because now we are embarking on this ancient Greece history unit.  She is recognizing a lot already.  Love it when things work so well like that!


Other news:

We got chicks on Friday!

They are so cute and tiny.  I'm looking forward to fresh eggs again.  I have decided that having chickens is pretty cool, and worth all the poop.  The kids just love holding them. 



 I'm linking this up with Weird Unsocialized Homeschooler's weekly wrap-up.



  1. YAY chickens! I love the butterflies, and Kelsey has been reading Percy Jackson and others by that author, Kaitlyn not so much. What they chose to read and not read fascinates me.

  2. You all had some fun times. The butterflies are beautiful. Oh how I love little baby chicks! My kids can't wait to get another batch this spring. :-)


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