Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Aric is baptized!

This special day happened 2 weeks ago today. I didn't want to miss sharing it even though I didn't get to share it right away.

In our church we believe that 8 years old is the right age to make that choice to be baptized, and it was finally Aric's turn on July 19, 2016. This boy was just glowing that day.


Part of me was worried that he wasn't really ready, I mean spiritually. I didn't do as great a job preparing all year like I had hoped, and he still had lots of questions. But, I forgot that he still had a lot of spiritual growth that needed to happen during the baptism itself.


He said he felt different that day, "I felt like I knew God better" he said, and I could tell he felt loved by everyone. By his Heavenly Father, by his family, and by his friends.


 This kid is so fun, and I'm so happy for the choice that he made to be baptized.


He was baptized by his Dad, and they get to wear a special white outfit for the water. We can't take pictures of the actual ceremony, so this is the before shot.


Except for the filling of the font being a little late the whole evening went beautifully. I do believe that Aric is just happy as a clam in all these pictures. He was a happy boy that night. I sure love this sweet family of mine.

Winz family after Aric's baptism.



  1. I love how you are all coordinated! Mac is getting baptized this Saturday and I have had the same feeling of him not being ready. Which is why he is just now getting baptized when he has been 8 for eight months. But I am hoping it will help him and he will continue to grow and get through the struggles he has been having. He is super excited and he really wants to be baptized so I love that part.


    1. I'm so glad that he's excited. That's one good sign that he's ready. I was thinking about that a lot. I'm sure it will be a wonderful day for him.


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