Friday, August 11, 2017

Kwik Stix and an eclipse

We love painting without the mess!


We love Kwik Stix!


So, in light of the solar eclipse coming up I thought it would be fun to pull our collection of Kwik Stix out and make a project! We have quite the collection still, but yes we have run out of many colors as these things have gotten well used over the few years we've had them.


To start out our project I gathered a sheet of white construction paper (for the sun), black construction paper (for the moon), two plates (one slightly smaller than the other), blue or any color construction paper (for the background), scissors, glue, and Kwik Stix.


Before we go onto what the kids made, this is my sample, and this was before I added stars and other pictures in the background. I used the Metalix for the moon, and a combination of all the other packs we have to do the sun including Neons.

Mom's example
When they were still in their nice packaging

To start I had the kids make the sun and the moon. They got creative with their colors, and the traditional yellow sun was out for one kiddo. I was surprised at how cool it turned out though!


Aric did the orange/yellow of the sun. These paints always surprise me with how bright they are!


Then onto the moon...


Next it was time to cut, and apply the circles to the blue background. I told them they could choose how much of the sun they would cover it up, including totality. Even if they had covered it up they'd still be able to see the ring around the moon since one circle is slightly smaller than the other.


But, they chose to cover it up only partially. Kinda funny since we are in the path of totality where we are.


We then decorated the background with the Thin Stix to write things like "Eclipse 2017." We also added little stars.



It's so fun that we have such a variety of these paint sticks to use. They make great tools for quick and easy projects like this. We might use these posters for our breakfast party during the eclipse!

So, lets recap:

  • Quick, no mess
  • Dries in 90 seconds
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • Great for all ages (I even have fun with them) 
These great painting tools are available on Amazon for quick and easy ordering, and if you have prime they ship quickly! You can click on any of the links above also for the specific packs I mentioned. I plan to purchase some more of the Metalix as those are the kids' favorite. I highly recommend a pack of these on hand for your art projects!

It's eclipse time!


Disclaimer: I will receive a free product in exchange for this review/promotion.

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