Friday, August 4, 2017

My Homeschool Mother's Journal

Life this week...

It was a hot one this week. We had temps up into the 100's, and that is pretty abnormal for our area. This whole summer has been pretty hot and dry, also pretty abnormal. I don't mind when I think about the very wet winter/spring we had, but I have to admit I wouldn't mind a nice rain right now.

Homeschool this week...

Guys, I broke out the laminator! I actually had to dust that thing off! I was excited to want to use it again. I've honestly had no desire to laminate anything for a while, but this week I decided that I needed some pineapple calendar numbers. Actually I was just looking for a whole new calendar theme, and reviving our calendar from the depths of the computer room for the new school year. My kids really need some practice with the months, and remembering the days of the week (even the older ones). So, we are all doing a little calendar each day. Just a few days of reciting the months of the year has helped a lot!


It also helped that my daughter was getting ready for her pineapple themed birthday get together, so I had some fun pineapple decor also lying around while doing this.


I realized that we hadn't gotten around to our Home Art Studio DVD's much last year, so I took them out suggested the boys do a project. One of them took me up on it, Aric. He has the 3rd grade DVD, but I realized that I also have the 4th grade one already for next year too. This project was from the 3rd grade one.


I can't remember the name of this particular project, it might have been Starry night maybe? Basically he squired some shaving cream all over a sheet pan.


Then he trickled some watered down paint on it, and spread it around with a paint brush.


This is the end result. He smooshed a piece of paper on top of it, and this was the result. It looks really neat in person.


Helpful homeschool advice or tips to share...

I saw this at my Dr.'s office while waiting for the Dr. to come in. I think this is very great advice!


Places we went...

We went to the library. I stopped and helped Alex find the bananas in the doll house. We couldn't find them all, but we have before. I think something happened. We found one down in the crack between the dollhouse and the window frame.


Ice skating has been a weekly occurrence since July. April is taking lessons at the Sherwood ice arena. It's the best time to take lessons when it's 100+ outside because it's so refreshing! But, we can't sit in there too long before we get cold.

We decided to venture out one day and take a little hike/walk at Mt. Tabor. It was forecasted to be 100 that day also, so we did it early in the day before it got too bad. But, we didn't do it fast enough. It was already getting warm, and we were hot pretty quickly. Our goal with this walk was to find the piano. Apparently there is a piano somewhere in this park that says "play me." We didn't ever find it because we decided to cut it short since it was already getting hot, and we were all sweating like crazy already. Maybe we'll give it another try someday.

It was a beautiful view of the city, but can you see that haze? It was like this several days this week because of fires up north in Canada I guess. One day it was so bad that my kids thought it was cloudy. I had to convince them it wasn't.

Mt. Tabor park in Portland, OR
My favorite thing this week was...

We had visits from both the Police and Fire department for national night out in our neighborhood. All the kids were just thrilled.


The police turned on their lights for us.


The officer gave the kids a tour of the car



The fire department actually came out first. They gave us the tour, and talked with the kids about all kinds of stuff.


Each kid got a chance to sit in the drivers seat.


The kids were admiring this officer's vest with all its gadgets and tools.


Something I accomplished this week...

I gutted a pineapple for a vase. April's birthday was pineapple themed, and she thought this was a fun idea, so we gave it a try. I didn't have any fancy tool to do this, but I'm sure it would have been way easier if there were one. FYI: you can use a melon baller and make little pineapple balls!


Something we read...

A book we picked up at the library this week, and Alex really enjoyed, Spot, the Cat by Henry Cole.


Random things the kids worked on...

 Aaron made this paper 3D airplane...


Alex made this balanced structure with our game called Suspend. He was very proud that he got it all to balance.


That about wraps up our week! Sorry that was so long winded!

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  1. The pineapple vase is cool and I'm going to put Spot, the Cat on hold right now.


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