Wednesday, March 30, 2016

5 Days of Homeschool Tips: Day 3~ Life happens

I had different plans for my 5 days of tips today, but life happened yesterday, so today we are just going to talk about when life happens.

Along with having a sick child yesterday, this is what I did, organization of our school shelves. I have been putting it off, and putting it off, but I just felt like it was time to finally get them organized. We got a few subjects done. But mostly, I just didn't worry too much about school getting done, or writing my planned post for today, and focused on this. 

I don't have many tips for days like this, except to say that they happen. As a homeschooler you just have to learn to roll with it, do your best, and call it a day.


Join me tomorrow, and I should have some tips for nature study!

For now go read some of the other bloggers who are sharing tips for homeschool parents. Click on the image for the complete list of tips, or start with the group of blogs I featured below.

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